A1 claypot

Located at Vivocity basement.


  1. 干贝三色混蛋肉碎粥
  2. 干贝艇仔粥
  3. 叁芭虾炒四季豆 (prawn stir fried with beans)

The prawn stir fried french beans is aromatic and not so spicy (abit salty). Porridge is cleansing if you had too much oily stuff  earlier in the day. So both taste mixes very well..

As the porridge is served in a claypot, it prevent it from turning cold quickly.

​Damage: < $50 (2pax) inclusive of gst & service charge

Filling: 5 out of 5

Service: 3 out of 5

Malay Rice

Today wanted to eat nasi padang, so went to Geylang Serai Market on the 2nd floor #02-137 (6.30pm), (Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang). 

On a sunday evening, the hawker centre is literally empty with only a few patrons to the stall. If you like malay food, I would recommmend this stall. The variety have about 20 types to choose from.

You can order from food panda too!

Taxi pickup

Today, I wanted to pickup my wife on my way back, but 2 comfort cab that stopped didn’t accept stopping by along the way to pickup and resume the journey.

Is this new trend because of Grab/Uber taxi app? I am puzzled. Will drop a email to comfort and find out more. Stay tune!!!

Chatuchak Local Market

Durian season

If you like durians, you should try this in Thailand. With the presentation done wrapping the durian like a piece of sandwich is something that I first seen.

They weight it based on the meat without the durian husk. Without the husk, you are really paying for the meat which is so worth it.

Bike sharing (overseas vs Singapore)

Is bike sharing realistic in Singapore? With some of the operators like Obike, OFCbike placing bicycles in some of the designed areas. People in Singapore gets to enjoy this new initiative with the luxury of bike sharing. But are the bicycles being taken care of? Below is an example of the Obike being abandoned after its bike for vandalize.

In taiwan and other countries that have such initiative seems not to have such problem. After its user finish the cycling, it gets return back to the available locking station.

Will the effort taken to maintain this bike sharing program in Singapore take off? Or will it die off because people are not taking care of it. Time will tell.

Bangkok Jam Dinner experience

Happily walk into the restaurant at bugis junction. Ordered curry fish head, rice, mango salad, sambal kangkong (morning glory).

The seqeunce of the dish that came out is so wrong. First came, appetiser, then sambal kang kong, then after 15 mins came fish head. By then, all my other dish got cold including the rice.

Doing F&B, they really need to pay more attention to the sequence of the dish coming out.

But it was worth the wait, the fish head costing $26, is so tasty, rich with coconut flavor.